By Madhulika Gandhi  on: 01 September 2017
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Sprouts are very nutritious, as they contain all the elements that a plant needs for life and growth.  The simple process of sprouting brings out many enzymes in germinated seeds, legumes, and grains, making them easier to digest.  It also increases the amounts and bioavailability of protein, vitamins and minerals, transforming them into nutrition powerhouses.  Overall, sprouts provide excellent quality nutrients and, by weight, are the rich sources of an array of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

Sprouting grains increases many of the key nutrients, including B vitamins, vitamin C, folate, fiber, and essential amino acids often lacking in milled grains, such as lysine.

Sprouts is a simple, easy to make and a very cost friendly super food, it can be eaten anytime during the day. 1 bowl of sprouts will make you feel full and at the same time give u satiety feeling. It is ameal in itself. 

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Zero Calorie or Negative Calorie foods are those that burn more calories than they contain. They are foods with 25-60 calories per REASONABLE serving. The word reasonable is important , just because a particular food item has almost no calories does not mean that we can consume just any amount of it. The calories keep on adding , REMEMBER THAT. Vegetables like cucumber, leafy greens, red bell pepper,asparagus, mushroom,brocolli , cauliflower,beetroot,tomato are great options . Fruits like water melon, citrus fruits,strawberry, blueberry, apricot are variety to choose from. Include these food in your diet and see the difference.
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 Dietician Madhulika Gandhi, a nutritionist in salt lake Kolkata believes that taking care of the body is very important as it is the only place one lives in . Staying  healthy and fit, will automatically make  a person  more confident, happy and independent. It will shape him  and his life life. Eat well be well eat better feel better. Madhulika  graduated  from st. xaviers college kolkata, and then became a Chartered Accountant from The Institute of chartered accountants of india . But her consciousness towards health and fitness was so much that out of passion and interest  she took up a course on dietetics and nutrition  in VLCC Institute there after. she enjoyed the course so much because it taught her good food, good health and good nutrition is the key to overall wellbeing. she stood first in all her semesters, it was so interesting  that she professionally took it forward and specialised in weight management .
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