By Madhulika Gandhi  on: 24 October 2017
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I am sure that you will want to argue with me saying that you buy only fat free products and never compromise on the health of your family. But allow me to clear this misconception. Sugar , artificial ingredients and chemicals are often used to replace the flavour that is lost when fat is removed . 

FAT FREE DOES NOT MEAN CALORIE FREE. So all so called fat free , light, low fat , reduced fat products are still loaded with calories( mostly with more carbs) which directly target your insulin. But the greater concern with insulin is not the spike or rise but the drop that follows a spike which leaves us feeling tired and hungry and wanting to eat more. Unfortunately the drop , makes us want to eat something else with high sugar content. And when we do so , the cycle starts all over again .The chemicals they use create a hormonal imbalance , and in fact , makes losing weight much more difficult for us !

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16 October 2017
SUJI HALWA Suji halwa is the most loved as well as the most avoided breakfast option.But of u ask me.....i would say it is the best way to start your day, if you are a sweet lover. The richness of homemade ghee, blended well with semolina and sugar will give you a nutriet dense meal- all your essential fats MUFA along with the B- complex vitamins. Essential fats will help lubricate your joints, lower your sweet cravings, improve your fat metabolism , reduce your stubborn fat stores, give you a feeling of satiety and will calm your nerves and senses. B-complex vitamins will help improve your carbohydrate metabolism , improve the utilisation of carbs , proteins and fat from your meal.( Even though suji halwa is not high in fibre, the ghee present in it acts as a natural laxative and promotes peristalsis as well )   NUTRITIVE VALUE- CALORIES (Kcals) - 360 PROTEIN (g)- 1.56  CHO( g) - 30 FAT(g) - 20.12  
28 October 2017
Fruits are naturally laden with fibre and saturated with natural sugars which are in the form of fructose. When we eat the fruit as a whole , the fibre is eaten along with the juice which in this case , acts as a buffer, helping to introduce the sugar slowly into the bloodstream. But when we make fruit juice , the fibre which contains essential vitamins and minerals, is lost. Fruit juice that has been robbed off its fibre is basically just a concentrated source of sugar minus the supportive nutrients that are required to help digest and metabolise it. So you are basically pumping a whole lot of sugar into your body in one go.  Fruit juice elevates blood sugar more quickly than a whole fruit because the level of sugar that can be obtained from a fruit juice is higher than the level found in a whole fruit. 1 glass of natural fruit juice , without added sugar has an equivalent of about 6 teaspoon of sugar, way beyond the recommeded or normal intake.  Fruits especially with the skin , are a very important part of our diet but not fruit juices because fruits are an important source of fibre while the juice alone has reduced vitamins and benefits. If you want , you can have a fruit juice when you are feeling weak to regain some energy. But orange , grapefruit or watermelon juice are exceptions as you can easily squeeze out the juice without the help of a juicer or mixer , and therefore the fibre  is not lost. Additionally do not cut the fruit into too many pieces as a lot of natural juices are wasted in the process. Instead have to whole or cut into big pieces. When it come to vegetables its a different case altogether,  Vegetables contain a lot of vitamins, oxidants and juicing vegetables basically gives you all the benefits in one shot. Consuming 2 to 3 types of raw vegetables as a snack in one go can be difficult. Instead you can make a juice  of all of them together to make the most of the nutritional godness that they have. If you tried to eat the same amount of vegetables as you consume in a glass of vegetable juice, you will notice it is tiresome to eat them as they have a lot of fibres. So make vegetable juice part of your daily diet. Make sure it is home made and not canned because canned juices have salt and other preservatives. Here are some of my favourite juices that you can try- 1. juice of 2-3 cucumbers + a bit of celery 2. juice of 3 carrots + a bit of lemon juice  3. juice of 2-3 carrots + 1 beetroot 4. juice of 3-4 tomatoes 5. juice of 2-3 tomatoes + a bit of broccoli 6. juice of 1-2 tomatoes +1-2 cucumbers 7. juice of 2 carrots +some spinach  DO TRY THESE HEALTHY OPTIONS        
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 Dietician Madhulika Gandhi, a nutritionist in salt lake Kolkata believes that taking care of the body is very important as it is the only place one lives in . Staying  healthy and fit, will automatically make  a person  more confident, happy and independent. It will shape him  and his life life. Eat well be well eat better feel better. Madhulika  graduated  from st. xaviers college kolkata, and then became a Chartered Accountant from The Institute of chartered accountants of india . But her consciousness towards health and fitness was so much that out of passion and interest  she took up a course on dietetics and nutrition  in VLCC Institute there after. she enjoyed the course so much because it taught her good food, good health and good nutrition is the key to overall wellbeing. she stood first in all her semesters, it was so interesting  that she professionally took it forward and specialised in weight management .
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